Friday, December 16, 2011


yikes, been busy...
i confess bought new clothes, much of the old stuff is gone or going

the weather & my weight makes this difficult

i am having surgery on 2-24-12 & will be unable to walk for 8 weeks- will be in a cast

but i still like the CONCEPT

all the new stuff I have is mix & match...

Sunday, November 20, 2011


oops, so my handy-dandy ronco-matic (not really) netbook went kaput- this virus will not alllow internet explorer to open a window, so all my favorites are lost...I am using my son's netbook till my next el-cheapo NOTEBOOK from Amazon arrives. This time, I am installing an anti virus program. After I get all my pics of the old netbook, I will try RECOVERY, which may make the computer functional, but will wipe out all pics, etc.

So my downsizing continues to go well OVERALL, but I ended up eliminating 1/2 of what was in the original 33 & buying new stuff. Then after losing more weight, I started cheating like mad on my diet on Thurs. nite. It is Sunday afternoon & I am DONE! LOL!

I put the xmas tree up at least a week ago & today finished w/ any & all Xmas decorations for the house, WHICH IS DRASTICALLY LESS THAN I EVER HAVE DONE OVER THE YEARS...& yes I still have more Xmas stuff for the next Goodwill donation pile. I also have more clothes, boots, costume jewelry, bla bla bla...

posting some pics too...

Monday, November 14, 2011

I confess...

Well, I did drop a few lbs and...I've been inundated w/ coupons, sales I bought some new stuff in the last 2 weeks. Generally from Thanksgiving through New Years, YOU WILL NOT CATCH ME NEAR A MALL, PERIOD.

I will photograph the items, but most of them are for the next cycle. That is actually 6-7 weeks from now!! Would love to drop 2 lbs a week until then, so I can get rid of the loose stuff & wear the newer stuff...

In the meanwhile, I haven't even worn all of the 33 items, alot is due to the varying weather/temperature. I have another huge bag for Goodwill, including shoes- my feet shrunk alot!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

what i've worn....

yesterday black pants & print top, today black pants & diff print top...

i bought a few things that will go in the mix...i lost almost 60 lbs in the last 18 months, recently lost some inches (mainly in upper bod)

will add in more when i lose more...when i add in something new, something else gets donated or consigned.

Monday, November 7, 2011


I am posting this because I just read another bloggers post, but am too inexperienced on this site to figure out how to email her!

About 12 years ago, I was at a very low point in my life- i do not wish to publicly post why, but I'd tell you in private. Anyway, one of the high points that kept me going were my pets. I had a male cat named Kitty & adopted a tiny lil pocket cat named Brownie, who was amazing...but he ended up being very, very sick & I had to take him to the vet...altho I had very little $ at the time, I opted for surgery & was was before Xmas, & I had sooo much of my life already taken from me, I felt like I could not possibly bear one more the time, my 2 sons & I lived in a tiny apartment literally on the wrong side of the tracks.  It was down the block from a church that had a statue of The Virgin Mary outside w/ one of those kneelie things to pray on...I hadn't been in a church for so many years, but I needed to pray, so being outside was something I was comfortable with. I got on my knees & talked out loud & cried & poured my heart out about many things...I asked for help & said I was out of faith & begged for a sign from God.

The next day, Brownie had another appointment. In the waiting room of the vet's office, right in the middle there was a display w/ a cat cage & a cat inside. I was curious...This cat was trying to rub up against me thru the cage & was purring. I asked the staff who is this cat & why is she here???

"oh, that's Mary, someone put a box on the Rectory of St Mary's Church w/ 2 cats in it on Thanksgiving. When the lady who cleans & cooks opened the door, she found the box, brought it in & opened it. Two cats jumped around. One was a male cat, & she adopted it, but brought the female here. We did not know her name so we decided to call her Mary."

I told them what I did the day before & the room got sooo quiet you could hear a pin drop. The woman behind the desk said " I guess this is your cat." I said yes & adopted her. She was about 5 at the time. Alas poor Brownie lasted till June (this all happened in early December) Kitty died a few years later, BUT MARY LIVED W/ ME FOR 11 1/2 years!!! She was a joy...I lovingly had her put to sleep when she was in so much pain she could not eat. She was purring just b4 she left...I told her many things, including that when my time comes I will not be afraid because I knew she'd be waiting for me. That she showed me more love than any human being ever had. She is buried in my yard. I grieved & could not sleep that night. When I woke up, there was no meowing in the house. Just as there was a miracle years b4 in my acquiring Mary, another one manifested itself.

A few months earlier, my younger son went to a local no-kill cat shelter once a week to volunteer. So Saturday, still grieving I went to the shelter & 3 cats ADOPTED ME!!! One died after 4 weeks; I knew he was sickly when I took him & his brother home. I then got another cat who worked out well & just a couple of weeks ago adopted another who is FIV+  So now I am the crazy cat lady w/ 4 cats!!!



CHEWY-he brought his bro NEO to us for a month...b4 Neo went to Heaven


Each one of these precious creatures came from a sad start & through Mary's death had an opportunity to come live in a home w/ a loving person...I urge you while you are still grieving to go to a local shelter & adopt & if you are near enough to NY to come to Mid Hudson Animal Aid in Beacon NY. Their cats up 4 adoption are on & if you wanted to I would be glad to meet you there. We are 30 minutes west of Danbury. Right off i-84

Lil Buddy does not want your heart to be alone ;0)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Loving the Limitations

There is a certain freedom in putting limitations on yourself, specifically w/ your wardrobe. It's mix & match, you know it fits, matches, bla bla bla

Friday, October 28, 2011

Some of my shoes are too big!

Ok, so we are finally getting some chilly weather here in the Hudson Valley- not that I am complaining about NON chilly weather, who wants to pay for heat?

So I put on a pair of nerdy-but-classy black loafers yesterday morning...I could not walk in them, they are just too damn big! They went into the donation pile even though they are just like new- the consignment shop is now taking only boots as footwear & I do NOT want to hold onto these until...whenever. So I guess I should try on all shoes in my home that belong to me.

Why is this the case w/ my shoes? Well I am extremely sensitive to sodium/water retention, & although I am only down 10 lbs, I noticed more inches off & that subtle things, like smaller feet have changed for the positive. I may make another run to GoodWill this weekend, OR I MAY HOLDOUT until the weekend prior to Thanksgiving which is when I put up my fake x-mas tree. This year, I am downsized to a 3 1/2 ft tree, so I will be letting go of many ornaments, etc. If I can deal w/ the pile in the corner of the living room as well as upstairs until then, I can make one run & save on consuming gas...

Yesterday I did buy a new piece of luggage; I've been on a quest for the right size of luggage for a while. Like Goldilox, too big, then too small...did I just get JUST RIGHT???

I feel like my life is coming together since I have been downsizing :0)

Also today I will be picking up a check from the consignment shop as well as what they did not sell...more donations, perhaps???

Yesterday I wore black slax w/ a black walmart top. I looked nice & accessorized w/ costume jewelry. I did not take a pic :0(